About us

About Us!

EMATECH SOLUTIONS is an environmental consultancy and Construction firm that has specialized in carrying out consultancy works in;

  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs)
  • Environmental Audits (EAs) and Strategic Environmental Impact Assessments (SEAs)
  • Hydrogeological surveys, Geotechnical surveys
  • Geological services
  • Civil works, Construction
  • Architectural Services
  • Pest Control services
  • Borehole drilling services and Management Consulting


Our professional team will provide the most appropriate solutions to solve the challenges our clients face. We will foster environmental sustainability and create long-term success.

Unsurpassed client service throughout this process will always remain our number one priority. We also Provide a complete range of IT products under one roof, including Computer Hardware and Software , Virtualization, CCTV installation, Disaster recovery, Design of Campus Networks, Bandwidth Management and Optimization (BMO), Implementation of LAN and wireless Networks, Systems management and Administration, Installation and Configuration of Servers etc.

EMATECH SOLUTIONS success and market recognition has been due to its stress on the importance of professionalism, where optimum professionalism is achieved by investing in world-class skills, equipment and tools.


EMATECH SOLUTIONS is committed to providing sustainable environmental and construction solutions that meet specific customer needs and are consistent with the long-term interests of the environment.

We will achieve this by employing or partnering with highly educated team members who will assist with in-depth research, proactive design, effective implementation, and long-term support for all of our clients' land use needs.

EMATECH SOLUTIONS will always maintain high standards of professional conduct and will comply with local and state regulations. From initial site evaluations and environmental assessments to intrusive investigations and remedial operations, every aspect of environmental consulting and land management can be undertaken by EMATECH SOLUTIONS


The founders of EMATECH SOLUTIONS believe that in time this company will become one of the well-respected environmental and construction consulting firms in Kenya.

EMATECH SOLUTIONS will achieve this by utilizing the core principles that consist of timely client responsiveness, scientific technical expertise, land planning with an ecological and cost-effective approach, continuing education, and team-building programs.

EMATECH SOLUTIONS will develop a similar reputation in markets regionally, nationally by launching satellite offices that will employ talented individuals.