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Environmental Consultancy includes but not limited to:

1. Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs), Environmental Audits (EAs) and Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEAs).
2. Hydro-geological surveys, Geo-technical surveys, Geological services,
3. Sustainable Planning, Change of User Services, Land Amalgamation and Subdivision,
4. Health and Safety Audits and Training through partnering with reputable and registered professionals from KPA, AAK and DOSHS approved assessors,
5. Architectural Services, pest Control services and Borehole drilling services.
6. Conducting Environmental Impact Assessments on proposed projects(EIA)
7. Conducting Strategic Environmental Assessments on proposed policies, strategies and projects (SEA)
8. Pest control and Fumigation services
9. Proposal Pitching on intended developments.
10. Land Amalgamation and Subdivision
11. Preparation of training materials on EIA, SEA and EA
12. Conducting feasibility studies
13. Development of Natural resources management Plans
14. Preparation Project monitoring and evaluation services
15. Conducting research on climate change issues
16. Facilitators in environmental impact assessment and audit training
17. Help clients meet compliance standards with the relevant authorities e.g NEMA, NCA, WRMA
18. Environmental health and safety on establishments
19. Consultancy in coastal marine management
20. Consultancy services in solid waste management
21. Consultancy services in waste water management
22. Coordinating factory/Industrial health and safety assessments, Audits and Training
23. Land surveys through partnerships with licensed surveyors
24. Advising on Sustainable Green Real Estate Investments.
25. Ecological Surveys, Assessments, and Monitoring
26. Conservation Planning and Design
27. Environmental Compliance and Permitting
28. GIS/GPS Mapping
29. Habitat Evaluations
30. Native Landscape Design and Specifications
31. Natural Resource Inventory and Assessments
32. Project Budgeting, Coordination, and Oversight
33.Site Analysis and Assessment
34. Soil and Water Evaluations
35. Watershed Management Plans
36. Vegetation Assessments and Monitoring
37. Wetland Delineation, Compliance, and Permitting