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They includes:

Civil works

  • Reinstatement
  • Concrete/asphalt
  • Trenching
  • Excavation
  • Clearing/Grubbing
  • Drilling
  • Earthworks
  • Cable Laying

Civil & Structural Concrete Construction

We undertake execution of Civil Structural Concrete Construction Works right from foundation stage to the completion stage, which includes erection of form-work, steelwork, concreting. The final stage of job execution includes finishing of the concrete surfaces after de-shuttering, Laying and placing in position the infrastructure for electrical (low & high voltage), plumbing network. Our work for Structural Construction includes Foundations, Substructures and Super Structures. Architectural and Finishing Works
Finishing works /placo & painting and laying of marble floors/walls.
Granite/Marble fixing on façades, walls and floors
Fixing of joinery works like doors windows, Parquet Flooring, Palco work
Painting, Tiling, Screeding and Ornamental Work
Dry Partitions, False Ceiling.
During the construction phase, we continue to work closely with the owner, architect and all subcontractors to ensure that a project stays on schedule and under budget. After the project is complete, we take every precaution to ensure that the building meets the owner’s expectations. We warranty all of our work for a one-year period, and we perform a mandatory 11-month walk-though, designed to identify any problems or malfunctions that need to be corrected before the warranty expires. Below is a list of services we commonly provide during the preconstruction, construction and post construction phases.

Project Evaluation

  • Identify customer needs and expectations
  • Define scope of project
  • Identify project components
  • Provide monthly progress reports

Virtual Construction (BIM)

  • Optional activity, to assist in identifying Value Engineering opportunities, Construct-ability Review, Cost Control & Scheduling.

Value Engineering

  • Break-out each component of project
  • Analyze impact areas
  • Identify cost and project impact
  • Provide alternative solutions, including cost, schedule and quality impact

Constructability Review

  • Review construction documents 
  • Evaluate materials, systems and delivery
  • Identify areas of concern
  • Involve subcontractors and vendors
  • Provide alternative solutions
  • Have team buy off on proposed approach

Cost Control

  • • Develop conceptual estimate / cost models

  • Provide detailed cost breakdown
  • Solicit subcontractor input
  • Prepare final project cost estimate
  • Provide cash flow management


  •  Define all construction activities
  • Prepare preliminary / final CPM schedules
  • Develop project sequencing plan
  • Solicit subcontractor input

Procurement Management

  • Identify all long-lead items
  • Prequalify equipment and material vendors
  • Solicit, negotiate, and award contracts
  • Coordinate equipment packages
  • Verify and expedite fabrication and delivery

Bid Packaging

  • Develop bid packages for each trade
  • Hold prequalification interviews                       
  • Select three to four qualified bidders
  • Include owner and architect in selection

• Evaluate equipment and systems • Correct warranty deficiencies